Sean Murphy is a Floridian and professional photographer by trade. From the example set by his parents, mentors and peers, Sean learned the power of hard work and dedication to one’s craft.

In 2013, Sean began working as a photo assistant where he gained extensive trade experience and witnessed the value of commercial photography. Today, he uses a combination of skills, some of which he learned through his tenure as a photo assistant while others he developed through his own work behind his camera and computer on and away from locations. Through these experiences Sean developed a keen eye for detail and inherited the value of pursuing your passion in life. 

Sean’s lifelong exposure to the entrepreneurial spirit gave him the confidence to launch SPM Photography in 2017, which focuses solely on capturing architecture and interior design. They are committed to delivering excellent service and presenting a professional commercial product. For those who hire SPM photography, Sean says, “It’s my job to elevate their company through photography. My clients know they’re investing in their business every time they hire us.” With his wife, Jacquelyn, managing the studio and moral support from Beaux, a 10-lb Chihuahua mix, SPM Photography works diligently and enthusiastically to fine-tune it’s service and creative work-product.

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"SPM Photography wouldn't be possible without the support I've received throughout my life. For that I'm eternally grateful.”