Our Process

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Pre Production 

We begin by discussing your vision and goals. How exactly will you be using these images? Do you foresee any additional uses in the future? These preliminary questions are necessary for the success of your final product. The next questions help us with scheduling and logistics. Where is the location? What's the optimal time of year to capture this location? Do you have a list of shots prepared?  Who is the onsite contact at the location? Is there a prompt deadline?

An understandable question we are asked regularly is, "What are your rates?" We provide a solution oriented approach for your budget and our rates are custom tailored to meet your needs.

We encourage all clients to scout the location with Sean personally to go over a shot list. After listening and discussing all the requisite information we’ll start organizing and scheduling.


Production is the time spent on location when the photographs are captured. Everything tends to speed up and master problem solving occurs. Work during production requires a very disciplined use of time and an acute attention to detail.

During production sunlight and shadows guide us around the location for every photograph. When needed, we alter light in ways to help the shot. We explore, position, and balance the colors and shapes in the composition so the image looks its best. The strategizing and executing that occurs during the shoot aids the post production process that follows. 

Digital negatives are displayed, categorized and backed up on location during the shoot. Our equipment will be organized and the location will be left how it was as we arrived.  

Post Production 

Our post production process is necessary and is a fine art of its own that takes time. First step of this process is moving the images to our office, backing up again, and storing all the images from the shoot in our organized library. The digital negatives that were selected on site are reviewed, composited and fine tuned for delivery.  

Even when an image is close to perfect there's typically a little color correction, exposure adjustment or retouching that needs to be done. Using our professional discretion, we decide how much retouching an image requires. Additional retouching will be charged for. 

Once this final process is complete an online gallery and/or digital file will be created containing all the images from the shoot. You will be able to view and download original full resolution, high resolution, and/or web-sized versions of the image(s).